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Can't find the right hairstyle for your hair type and length? Tired of regular old buns and braids? Desperately want to try out something new and never seen before? Don't be afraid to experiment and mix styles! These 14 creative and original ideas will help you liven up your everyday look as well as catch everyone's eye at a fancy gathering. What's best, all of them come with easy to follow step by step instructions which means you don't need to be a style expert to do them.

14 Bold & Unique Hairstyle Tutorials You Can Do At Home 14 Bold & Unique Hairstyle Tutorials You Can Do At Home

1. Faux Mohawk Braid

This hairstyle is simply perfect for those with thick hair!

2. Braid Wrapped Bubble Ponytail

This mix of different hairstyles will leave you looking like a princess!
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3. Messy Braided Ponytail

Look chic with this unique combination of a braid and a ponytail.

4. Reverse Braided Bun

This unique bun hairstyle is both simple and elegant.
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5. The Half-Up Lace Rose

This gorgeous style won't seem as complicated if you carefully follow the steps in the tutorial here.

6. The Top Knot

This subtle and feminine hairstyle is a one you can easily learn how to do in no time!
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7. Mermaid Braid

Feel like a fairytale character after learning how to do this simple and quick braid.
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8. Half-Up Fishtail Do

Learn how to do this gorgeous thick braid here.

9. Low Rolled Updo

This updo look will be perfect for both a fancy and a casual day out.
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10. Braided Flower Crown

Here's how you can accessorize your hair with a flower crown.... without actual flowers.
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11. Hair Bow

Here's how you can tie your hair into a fancy ribbon.

12. Wound Up Updo

If you love the updo hairstyle, try out this fun twist that will add something new to a classic.
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13. Half-Up Party Lob

Here's a simple tutorial that will make you look stunning at a party.
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14. Bohemian Side Braid

Create a soft, dreamy and feminine look with the help of a bohemian side braid.
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14 Bold & Unique Hairstyle Tutorials You Can Do At Home

Make up tips for a round face

I’ll be honest… I never worried about the chemicals in store-bought conditioning sprays until I had a daughter. All of a sudden I couldn’t bring myself to spray that nasty stuff on her head. I didn’t want her inhaling it as I sprayed it, and I didn’t want it on her.

First I went in search of the most organic eco-friendly spray I could find, but sometimes even those are misleading. Some of them contain sulfates, parabens, and/or propylene glycol that are harmful to our environment and even worse for our children.

After a few months of searching for the perfect detangling spray, I decided to try to make my own. I started experimenting and testing. We tried three different concoctions over a two month period, and this one was our favorite.

DIY Leave in Conditioner and Detangling Spray

This recipe makes 8 oz.

First add 3/4 cup of distilled water straight into your glass bottle. [Essential oils keep better in glass.] Then add the vegetable glycerine and vitamin e oil. Next add 10 drops of lavender essential oil. Feel free to use a different essential oil such as citrus fresh, ylang ylang, rose or geranium if you prefer. [If you use a citrus essential oil make sure you use a glass bottle. Citrus oils will eventually eat through plastic.]

Gently shake before each use.

DIY Leave in conditioner and detangling spray

I have found that this recipe makes it really easy to comb through my daughters hair. Even my husband has noticed a difference. I think it works better than the store bought leave in conditioners and detangling sprays. I like it so much I use it myself.

DIY Leave in Conditioner and Detangling Spray

Makeup can be both a blessing and a curse. Who doesn't love being able to hide any flaw or imperfection within minutes? Not to mention all the possible colors and textures that can help you unleash your imagination and create truly unique looks. And yet louder and louder debates range about the chemical ingredients often found in makeup and animal testing that's rampant in the industry. So, what should you do if you want to look fabulous without worrying about the safety of products you're using? The solution is simple – create your own makeup. With DIY cosmetics, you can be sure that what you're putting on your skin is safe for the environment and you. And if that's not good enough – most of these recipes require only a few simple products that you probably have in the pantry. Be beautiful, healthy and eco-friendly with these easy tutorials!

1. Homemade Mascara

Homemade mascara recipe based on coconut oil, aloe vera gel, charcoal and bees wax that will help you separate, darken and moisturize your eyelashes.
View the recipe here.

2. Homemade Natural Blush

What makes this homemade blush really special is the fact that it only contains ingredients you could eat.
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3. Make Your Own Powder or Liquid Foundation

Here's how you can make foundation that will match your skin tone perfectly. Get more details here.

4. DIY Rainbow Highlight

Learn how to make a bold and unique highlighter.
Watch the tutorial here.

5. Make Your Own Natural Lip Tint

This natural lip tint has a fantastic look and smell.
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6. DIY Eyeliner with Coconut Oil

Have some old eyeshadow you don't feel like using anymore? Use it to make eyeliner.
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7. Make Your Own Lip Scrub

Have beautiful lips with the help of some ingredients everyone has at home.
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8. Make Your Own Eyeshadow

Use a mineral eyeshadow base to unleash your creativity and create exactly the kind of eyeshadow tones you want to use.
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9. DIY Cheek Stain & Lip Gloss

This product with cranberries and beetroot will be ideal for those with sensitive skin.
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10. Homemade Berry Lip Stain

Berries are not just healthy and delicious but also perfect for making DIY lip tint.
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11. Make Your Own Natural Lipstick

This DIY lipstick is easy to make, pretty and what's more – natural and vegan.
View the tutorial here.

12. DIY Nail Polish

That's right – you can make nail polish at home. Mix different colors, add glitter and experiment.
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13. DIY Bronzer

This bronzer won't cost a fortune to make and is chemical-free too.
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14. Homemade Natural Eyebrow Filler

This surprisingly easy tutorial featuring healthy organic products will help you have perfect eyebrows.
Get the recipe here.

15. Natural Concealer & Highlighter

Cover up any imperfections and feel confident with the help of this tutorial.
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15 Easy Ways To Make Your Own Makeup